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Pastor Robert Briggs

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, 1967, I had the privilege of Christian parents who sought to bring me up in the Lord. Like most young people growing up  in Scotland during the 70’s and 80’s I struggled with the challenges of understanding what the implications of the Gospel really were. I consciously professed faith in Christ about the age 0f 9 or 10 but it was not until my mid to late teens that I began to understand the Gospel more seriously and clearly. My introduction to the doctrines of grace in the mid 80’s coupled with sitting under good solid expository preaching helped establish me in Christ.

Entering the Pastoral ministry in 1992 having graduated with a BD from Queen’s University in Belfast and the Irish Baptist College I have had the honor and privilege of serving Christ in this calling for almost 20 years.

Married to my beloved and wonderful wife Elaine for almost the same length of time I rejoice in the Lord’s mercies in giving us four wonderful children, Lois, Esther, Deborah and Andrew. Having moved to pastor Immanuel Baptist Church in Sacramento, Ca, in Nov 2003, I rejoice in our beloved congregation and the privilege of serving them for Christ’s sake. There is much to do in the kingdom of the Lord, I trust you enjoy this blog as an aspect of our ministry……

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